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Naturalself and the outbreak of human desire by Mu Chum

Mu Chum is an independent publisher, photographer and artist based in Nanjing, Hefei and LA. His works are often drawn from life, and digging out the inner life from the simple things. He insists that works should be out of the feelings of the heart. If we only pay attention to form and decoration, then the body is an only empty shell. He holds against to the void under over-design. External appearance and social environment can only express the language of certain periods and space. The only way to truly express is to take off pretense. In his society, there is still a lot of controversy about nude photography. He insists: “Whether nude photography is erotic or artistic depends on the viewer’s mindset.

If a man’s heart is pure, he can feel the beauty of art from the nude body; if a man’s heart is full of desire, even if the character is clothed, he is full of evil.” Through film, photography, writing, performance, Installation, and other artistic expressions, he explores the spiritual pursuit of freedom, and repeatedly advocates the concern and protection of the Gay community. When photography fails to express his feelings, through the silent words, he seeks out people who feel the same way with him.


by Mu Chum

In my series "Naturalself" I tried to explain a relationship, but the more I explained it, the less I understood it. So I built a lot of simple bodies. You don't have to struggle to understand these nudes, but when I put them together, maybe some people can understand the principle of the “seemingly simple but extraordinary". This complex relationship can also be understood by individuals who look mediocre. In Chinese, "然" stands for itself. It is synonymous with "Self" in English. This series looks at the male body in nature, and it happens to be “Naturalself”.

  • Naturalself (3) by Mu Chum 拷贝

Jean Genet

"Erotic play discloses a nameless world which is revealed by the nocturnal language of lovers. Such language is not written down. It is whispered into the ear at night in a hoarse voice. At dawn it is forgotten."


by Mu Chum

Sexual desire, emotion and nudity are born naturally, but people can’t talk about the binding of man-made bondage and morality any more. I try to seek the outbreak of human desire through the simplest language, which rolls on in circles and  are not prisoners to the cage of reality.We also grow in the cracks and just return to their original appearance. 

By Mu Chum 未标题-拷贝

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