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Photo Basel announces participating galleries 2021

Photo Basel, Switzerland’s first and only international art fair dedicated to photographic positions, is delighted to announce its participating gallery list for the 6th edition. Taking place at Volkshaus Basel, the fair runs from September 21st – 26th, and is once again coinciding with Art Basel.

Photo Basel welcomes 40 international exhibitors - coming from 16 nations for this September edition.

Some of the newly incoming exhibitors this year include Robert Morat (Berlin), Migrant Bird Space (Berlin), Gowen Contemporary (Geneva),Galerie 193 (Paris), Artco (Berlin, Aachen & Cape Town), AKKA (Venice & Dubai), ISSP (Riga), Gallery Bart (Amsterdam), Thierry Marlat (Paris), WOS (Zürich), Arwe (Rotterdam), Koschmieder (Berlin), Mironova (Kiev) and Galerie Mazel (Brussels). 

"This year, photo basel has reached a level of quality equal to that of the largest fairs. It manages to establish an essential balance that relies both on the loyalty of a core group of galleries and on the arrival of new participants that were meticulously selected for this edition." Audrey HoareauArtistic Director

In addition, and parallel to the physical fair, photo basel will host a virtual exhibition, inviting galleries from far abroad who are unable to travel to Basel.

A special exhibition is dedicated to the legendary and recently deceased Swiss photographer Arnold Odermatt(1925-2021).

Furthermore and as a hybrid novelty, photo basel introduces the first ever NFT cabinet – featuring digital photographic positions to be seen, experienced, and bought at the fair.


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