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Rankin presents: Illustrated Moments by Andrea Ucini

Born in Italy, and currently living and working in Denmark, Ucini’s work takes a cross cultural look at intimacy, emotion and expression. With a signature sense of humour and a nod to the surreal - alongside a grounded take on expression, gesture and human nature. His works plays on concept and reality to create an often touching picture of the contemporary experience. Ucini’s illustrations are internationally renowned, having worked with brands, charities, and top publications, including The New York Times, The Guardian, Die Zeit, and New Scientist.

Still not Worried © Andrea Ucini

An exhibition featuring the work of Italian Born, Denmark based maestro illustrator Andrea Ucini - his first major London exhibition hosted by Rankin. Ucini’s illustrations are internationally renowned. Ucini’s work has appeared on front covers of international media and replacing “the traditional photograph" in many cases.

Heating Behavior © Andrea Ucini

First collaborating with the RANKIN agency on 2021’s How to Die Well: A Practical Guide to Death, Dying and Loss (Rankin Publishing). Photographer Rankin became immediately drawn to the softness and yet emotive strength in Ucini’s work - offering him this exhibition to expand his reach beyond the pages of the publication to the wider London art scene.

Before you go © Andrea Ucini

“I’m known for photography, but I love all kinds of art. When something speaks to you, you want to share it and Ucini’s work speaks to me. I’m proud to be able to give him a space and introduce those who follow me to his incredible work” Rankin says.

Andrea Ucini says “Illustrated Moments is taking place in the newly revamped Annroy Gallery space at the RANKIN studio. Designed for sharing new work with agency clients and the wider general public, this show highlights the RANKIN commitment to the wider artistic community.”

Giving over their gallery walls and iconic film-strip inspired windows to a collaborator, this exhibition launches the series RANKIN PRESENTS proving the RANKIN dedication to leading popular visual culture through its output and in its own studio space.

With over 30 works on display, pieces will include artworks from How to Die Well and Ucini’s illustration archive.

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Andrea Ucini
Illustrated Moments

February 25th 2022 - April 8th 2022

Annroy Gallery
110 - 114 Grafton Road, Kentish Town, NW5 4BA
United Kingdom


British photographer, publisher, and film director. Alongside being head of the eponymous agency RANKIN, which hosts an 80+ strong team that puts strategy, creative and production all under one roof. As a photographer Rankin’s portfolio ranges from portraiture to documentary. He has shot The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Kate Moss, Kendall Jenner and The Queen to name only a few. As a publisher, Rankin co-founded the seminal magazine Dazed & Confused with Jefferson Hack in 1991, and has since published the likes of AnOther and AnOther Man, alongside over 40 books and the biannual fashion and culture print and digital platform, Hunger. His photography has been published everywhere from his own publications to Elle, Vogue, Esquire, GQ, Rolling Stone, and Wonderland, and exhibited in galleries globally, including MoMA, New York, and the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

Rankin Agency

“In a world that is changing faster and faster, if you don’t want to change your world, you will be changed by it. We stay ahead of what’s next by being an agency that is also a publisher and a production company. What we think of upstairs we can shoot downstairs and put out on our own channels. We also believe passionately in doing good and each year provide around £1m in pro bono or reduced cost work for causes and purposes we believe in. For 30 years Rankin has been lauded as a cultural provocateur, always seeing the contrarian view and always understanding where popular culture was going, as an Editorial business with Dazed and Hunger and Another, as a Production Company with our own studios and a roster of directors and photographers and now as an Agency. The RANKIN agency seeks to build brands that want to stand tall in popular culture. We are not here to drive ‘consumption’ nor to talk to ‘businesses’. We are all human and we react positively to things we find fresh, surprising, attractive and engaging.”

How To Die Well [Rankin Publishing, 2021]

Spearheaded by Royal London and published by RANKIN, How to Die Well is a practical guide to death, dying and loss, approaching the topics from a wealth of different perspectives. While information overload is the norm in our society, when it comes to death, we are silent and often totally unprepared. How to Die Well hopes to change this – to break down the taboos we have around death. Across personal essays, chapters on topics such as “Before you go” and “Good grief”, fact sheets, activity pages, interviews and a series of illustrations, the book seeks to make dying a fundamental part of living well and to help people with everything from funeral poverty to dealing with loss and the complexities of grief. Over 176 pages, How to Die Well features essays by leading journalists and writers on a range of subjects alongside over 10 interviews with experts in the field of death, as well as notable figures in wider culture. The book also includes 25 original illustrations by renowned illustrator Andrea Ucini.

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