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Royal Photographic Society: IPE 163 – five exhibitors to watch

The 57 international photographers will exhibit at the Royal Photographic Society in April 2022. The Royal Photographic Society is pleased to announce the selected photographers in the latest edition of their International Photography Exhibition. Now in its 163rd edition, the IPE 163 is a powerful exhibition that demonstrates the breadth of contemporary image-making and storytelling today.

The death of Actaeon by Yushi Li

With 8,000 submissions sent by photographers from across the globe, there was a wealth of talent to choose from. Now a guest panel has selected the work of 57 photographers for the 163rd International Photography Exhibition, opening at RPS Gallery, Bristol, in April 2022.

The Royal Photographic Societyhave selected five highlights for the public to discover. Each photograph tells of a contrasting experience – ritual celebration, reconciliation, fantasy, and protest. They begin with ‘The death of Actaeon’, pictured above, by UK artist Yushi Li: “My desire, dreams and love for the desired body are illustrated in a photographic form, using animals and fantastic settings to imply the unconscious dimension of these scenes. Through taking an active rather than passive role in my work, instead of simply reversing the gender roles, I try to intervene within existing representations of erotic desire to question the dichotomy of active men and passive women that has been broadly embedded in art history.”

The International Photography Exhibition
16 April – 3 July 2022
The Royal Photographic Society
RPS House, 337 Paintworks, Arnos Vale
Bristol, BS4 3AR

Throughout their 168-year history, the Royal Photographic Society has grown and evolved alongside the practice of photography. This evolution has been driven by the ambitions of their members, by leaps in technology, and by changes in society.

Today, they recognise there are many new challenges and opportunities, and that photography is as important now as it has ever been.


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