State of Mind by Renata Dutrée

In the period following her graduation from the Photo Academy in Amsterdam (December 2019), Renata has created a number of series with a strong personal signature. Atelier K84 in Amsterdam is proud to announce the first self-initiated exhibition with photo artworks by Renata Dutrée. These series have been awarded many national and international prizes and several publications have appeared about her work abroad. Her staged portraits and still lifes are 'classic' with beautiful use of light and are full of references to symbolism, religion, art and history.

Renata Dutree: Woman with Grapes

The first solo exhibition for Renata, entitled 'State of Mind', shows a selection of her powerful and inspired work in this new art space in the heart of Amsterdam. This programming is completely in line with Atelier K84's intention to function as an accessible platform for exhibitions of emerging talent such as Renata Dutrée.

Renata Dutree: Shadows of my Mind II (Portrait of Jude)

Renata Dutree: Shadows of my Mind II (Portrait of Jude)

Recurring themes of silent grief or hidden pain are depicted in careful and well-considered compositions. In the studio she creates a revealing atmosphere with light that is characterized by a certain darkness and oppression.

Renata Dutree: Mixed Moods

Renata Dutree: Mixed Moods

“It hurts me to see that so many people have to live under the yoke of racism, homophobia, and misogyny and will inevitably have to face an immense amount of discrimination in our society. My work evolves around this topic and I try to balance life’s books in a visual way.

 I’m fascinated by the deeply hidden pain of traumas in our minds and hope to reveal something about their existence via my photography. The grief and anguish that arises from not being able or allowed to talk about that trauma and therefore has consequences for one’s self-image and self-esteem. It is difficult to accept yourself and develop a positive self-image when society looks down on you because of your sexual orientation or gender identity, your skin color or because you are a victim of sexual abuse.

 With my Fineart portraits and still lifes I draw attention to the possible aftermath of difficulties that we may encounter in our lives and they transcend the individual story and reflect on what is happening around us.”

Renata Dutree: Time Will Tell, Woman with Vase and Pearls

Renata Dutree: Time Will Tell. Woman with Vase and Pearls

Pearls fall from a vase; petals fall from their flowers; empty oyster shells waiting to be weighed. The objects act as metaphors for something catastrophic that takes place in the person's psyche and outside the frame.


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Renata Dutrée




Renata was selected for GUP New Talents 2020, “&C Talent”- Academy and was nominated for both the DuPho SO 2020 Student Award and the DuPho SO 2021 Award. She was a finalist in prestigious international photography competitions such as Lensculture Portrait Awards 2020, Lensculture Black & White Photography Awards 2020, Life Framer Colors Winners 2020, 15th POLLUX Awards 2020, TIFA Awards 2020, IPA Awards 2020, 6th Annual Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards 2021, 7th Annual Fine Art Photography Awards, 16th Pollux Awards 2021, 16th Julia Margaret Cameron Award 2021, LifeFramer Colors 2021 and Masters of Photography Photo Competition Black&White 2021. International publications include Life Framer inclusion of the series 'Time will Tell' in 'The Collection ' (2020), Uncoated Platform, Collection of Contemporary Photo Talent with the series 'Time Will Tell' (2020), EuropeNow Journal (8-12-2020), Aesthetica Magazine (2020) and Fotonostrum Magazine issue 3 (2020).

Renata Dutrée

Atelier K84
Keizersgracht 84h, 1015 CT Amsterdam
Renata Dutrée: State of Mind | Photographs
September 10, 2021 -  Oktober 3, 2021
Opening hours are every friday and saturday from 12am to 6 pm

Opening:​ Friday September 10, 2021, 5-9 pm
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About Atelier K84

Atelier K84 is a new cultural initiative in an inspiring multi-functional space in the heart of Amsterdam where creating, meeting and connecting predominate. Being accessible, social, surprising, inviting and emphatically focused on the neighbourhood, for example by organizing activities for and with local residents. AtelierK84 collaborates with enterpreneurs in the immediate vicinity of this lively part of Keizersgracht near Herenstraat/Prinsenstraat where ever possible.

Atelier K84 aims to continuously organize varied (photo) exhibitions at this beautiful location. Through (temporary) collaborations with appealing galleries or art institutions. Or through our own quality programming. In addition to established names, it is also a testing ground for emergingtalent and/or artists who are less likely to get a platform. With opportunities for artists to create and exhibit in the studio. And always with affordable art in the space for a wider audience. Not an 'ordinary' gallery. The space can also be used for various activities such as lectures, courses, (book) presentations, and workshops in an inspiring setting surrounded by art.

The specific goal of Atelier K84 is deliberately undefined butwill be characterized by surprising encounters and twists. By allowing cross-pollination between all users, fed by ideas from the neighborhood and in an organic way.

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