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The Independent Photographer Emerging Talent Award: Editor’ Picks

Following the results of last month’s Emerging Talent competition judged by The Washington Post’s renowned Director of Photography MaryAnne Golon, the editors are delighted to share a selection of their favorite entries – Images that didn’t make it to the final round but showed a remarkable set of skills and creativity.

The Independent Photographer

Emerging Talent Award: Editor’ Picks

Despite the current health situation and travel restrictions putting most of our creative projects on hold presently, we’d like to say thanks to all the artists who took the time to share their work with us. We received an incredible variety of images from international photographers working across all genres and we are delighted to shed light on these talented photographers whose works are well worthy of exposure.

“Bloody Lake” by  Jeremy De Backer - From the series “Welcome to Earth”

"My project began several years ago and aims to demonstrate the beauty of Earth through the eye of an “Earthonaut”. For the project, this character needs to physically visit the places, to be fully part of it. But the real “model” is obviously the Earth. Many people say we will soon live on Mars or on a second Earth. My appetite for Sci-Fi and desire for discoveries hope it too. But do we need to travel in the infinity of space to find what we have already here?. What is the meaning of living on another planet if we respect it as we do with Earth? Will we have to leave in a spacesuit or masked forever? I try through this project to show people that there are plenty of extraterrestrial and magnificent landscapes on Earth. To make them aware that elsewhere is not necessarily better. And merely invite them to contemplate what we have already around us.”

Photo © Jeremy De Backer

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