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Tokyo International Foto Awards: Winners announced

The Tokyo International Foto Awards is pleased to announce the category winners and top two winners in its 2021 Photography Competition for the Professional and Non- Professional/Student categories.

Kazuyuki Omori - 2021 TIFA, Gold in Advertising/Fashion

Order Is Born Out of Disorder

Kazuyuki Omori - 2021 TIFA, Gold in Advertising/Fashion

This is a collaboration with the fashion brand "ALCHEMY". The concept is "Human society is made up of various organizations. In the midst of order, disorder is always born. New ideas are born. New organizations are born. No matter which organization you belong to, never lose your strength and conviction. The charismatics of ALCHEMY."

Chief producer and editor of PASHA STYLE, he has been photographing a wide range of subjects from creative works to beauty snaps for over 10 years. After graduating from a design school, he began working as a printer and plate operator. Since his mid-twenties, he has worked as a magazine editor, mainly for car magazines. He has been taking photographs for nearly 15 years, and the number of works he has produced is now too many to count. He is currently the editor-in-chief of PASHA STYLE, and is also active as a photographer.

A panel of world-renowned photography experts judged the entries which they received from more than 100 countries around the globe. They selected the most creative and captivating photographs that demonstrate the fact that talent thrives even in times of adversity.

Changing the Conversation, Sujata Setia - 2021 TIFA Photographer of the Year
Changing the Conversation, Sujata Setia - 2021 TIFA Photographer of the Year

Sujata Setia was chosen Photographer of the Year 2021 for her incredible work, Changing the Conversation. In her photo series, Sujata Setia challenges the beauty standards that society tells us to admire, and goes deeper to demonstrate that what lies within is more important.

Touches of Mystery - Anna Karvounari - 2021 TIFA New Discovery of the Year
Touches of Mystery - Anna Karvounari  - 2021 TIFA New Discovery of the Year

TIFA New Discovery of the Year 2021 award was given to Anna Karvounari and her self-portrait series, Touches of Mystery. For the artist, this was an exercise in self-discovery - Kenro Izu, esteemed jury member shared his thoughts on how the photographer "Successfully reached into herself to portray inner self." 

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