Trying to find the essence of the human by Wulf Rössler

“We all strive in photography to find the essence of the human - probably a futile endeavor, but possible with approximations. I do the same in my profession as a psychiatrist. While the communication with a patient remains private, I go public with photography and the message about the human being in itself, which I want to convey. So photography is not a completely different field of activity for me, but an access to the human being by different means and with different goals.”

Rio de Janeiro by Wulf Rössler

“Many photographers look in a portrait for the human in itself. It is the same wish, which drives us in street photography, with our insatiable desire to look at people. Personally, however, I believe that we are less able to look inside a person with photography than we can see in the photographed people what life and their environment has done to them.”



Half a man in Lüneburg by Wulf Rössler

“For the exploration of the human in itself, we do not necessarily need to depict people in photography.  We also find the human in many other domains of our world for example in architecture, which significantly impacts on us and our lives in its own way.”

Liebeskind building Lüneburg by Wulf Rössler

“And last but not least: nothing is objective, everything what we depict in photography is an expression of ourselves. One eye looks through the lens, the other eye looks inside. This means that the viewer not only looks at the photographic image with the people or objects shown there, but also at us, the photographers. In our photographic work we expose ourselves more than we sometimes want to and sometimes more than we are aware of.”

London by Wulf Rössler

“My photographic work is also very practically linked to my profession, as I work in many places around the world and always take the opportunity to photograph. This is possible for a Central European person in more exotic places like Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, but also in places like the small university town of Lüneburg in Germany , where I had the opportunity to photograph the new university building of the architect Daniel Libeskind.”

São Paulo underground by Wulf Rössler

Wulf Rössler





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