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17 Works and 44 Images join PHmuseum Days 2021

After a long process of revision, PHmuseum is very happy to announce the 17 projects that will feature in the main projection at the 1st edition of the International Photography Festival taking place between 23rd - 26th September in Bologna, Italy. Moreover, a selection of 44 images will give life to a collective installation. Discover them all and stay updated by following the festival's Instagram account

DeLovie Kwagala, Collective Show, PHmuseum Days 2021, © DeLovie Kwagala

A NEW BEGINNING for PHmuseum: “Yes, we are organizing an international photography festival! It's called PHmuseum Days, it will happen on 23-26 September 2021 in Bologna, Italy and we are inviting you to become part of it. The PHmuseum Days 2021 will be the beginning of a new era for our project, characterised by a stronger sense of community and sharing. Photography intended as a universal language can be a powerful medium to transmit important messages, and our goal is to give life to the right platforms to display it. For this reason, after 9 years of online activities we decided to make the big step into the real world and offer our community also a physical playground to meet up, learn and exchange ideas. The starting point of this initiative is this open call whose theme is A New Beginning, which represents both the dawn of a new adventure for PHmuseum and, most importantly, an occasion to rethink together the decade that just started. We are selecting 3 works for individual shows, up to 40 images for a collective installation and up to 15 projects for the projections' night. Furthermore, all the applicants will be granted a free festival pass that we hope will be a good excuse to come over and enjoy a long weekend of photography and much more.”

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