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Overexposed by Dylan Don

Leica Galerie Munich is showing the exhibition "Overexposed" until 25 September 2021. Dylan Don's fashion photography captivates viewers with an imagery of sun and colour. With the exhibition "Overexposed" by Dylan Don, Leica Galerie Munich presents works by an internationally renowned fashion photographer with Bavarian roots. Born in Bavaria, Dylan Don willingly let himself be seduced and inspired by the colours and all-pervading sun of Los Angeles for his work. The result: settings full of frothy vibrancy, retro American accents, plush, heavy hotel interiors and dizzying infinity pools are the habitat of his polychromatic images. His work has been published in fashion magazines such as VOGUE, VANITY FAIR, GQ, L'OFFICIEL and many more.

Portrait Dylan Don, Leica Galerie München / © Dylan Don

Dylan Don translates the multi-layered eccentricity of the great director Wes Andersons into colourful photography full of hypnotic power. Whether he's staging fashion editor Robert Rabensteiner with his Weimaraner in a ski lift in the Alps, or capturing models Cara and Poppy Delevigne sitting on deck chairs shivering from the cold on the rooftop terrace of the Beverly Hills Hotel, his playful portraits are always amused by the synthetic bleakness of current celebrity photography. His works have the magical intimacy of selfies - with the difference that they are born from his operatic imagination.

Sometimes, however, Don radically switches sides in his work and unloads his uncanny power in a world of black and white. Motifs full of opulent understatement and withdrawn elegance emerge, and the master of colour impressively compresses his energy into a monochrome colour space. For more information, visit www.dylandon.com.

Visitors to the Leica Gallery Munich can look forward to a fascinating exhibition from the world of fashion photography. The Leica Store and Gallery Munich are open from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 18.00 hrs. Admission is free. The photographs in the exhibition are available for purchase.

Leica Galerie München, Maffeistraße 4, 80333 München


CHADWICK BOSEMAN Leica Galerie München / © Dylan Don

THEOPHILIUS LONDON Leica Galerie München / © Dylan Don

BORIS JOHNSON Leica Galerie München / © Dylan Don

RS CALIFORNIA Leica Galerie München / © Dylan Don

ALEXIA Leica Galerie München / © Dylan Don

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