Pieces of Ralf Opiol

Creativity. Spontaneity. An innocent child. A mysterious man. A creator. A medium. Ralf Opiol is all that and more. Just like his mixed-media art, he is the combination of many things. You see the pieces but you never understand fully the whole of them.

by Thanh Tung

Narrativ by Ralf Opiol

For an artwork, he tries various techniques and media: Acrylic, Graphite, Canvas, Paper, Collage, etc. Sometimes he's himself a medium. For example he has children draw him then use the results for his work. His interests and subjects are also extensive: Movies, Urban Life, Graffiti, History,

That's why looking at Opiol's artwork is like looking at a puzzle with so many pieces. To decode his puzzle, you have to decode Ralf Opiol, the person. Although he provides us multiple clues, often we cannot really solve it. Still we enjoy his pieces.


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