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A Year in Photos from Sony World Photography Awards 2021

Discover more about the big winners in this year's Sony World Photography Awards with our documentary film. Presented by Jacky Klein and Nish Kumar, get ready for a 60-minute journey around the world. 

Presented by British art historian Jacky Klein and entertainer Nish Kumar, A Year in Photos from the Sony World Photography Awards 2021 celebrates the work of the top winners in one of the world’s biggest photography competitions.

Including interviews and behind-the-scenes footage with distinguished photographers, rising talents, and industry-leading experts, this 60-minute feature takes viewers on a journey across the globe to explore powerful contemporary stories and artistic excellence. View our full digital programme by visiting our website at

All images are published under licence of the artist via The World Photography Organisation and brand names are copyright of their organisations, published here under agreement. This video contains no profanity and is suitable for all ages.

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