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Winners of the 2021 Arch20 photography competition announced

Arch20 is pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 Arch20 photography competition. “The competition was established as The growing obsession with visual documentation is giving us a chance to learn more about our architectural context. After we build, the Architecture rebuilds and frames our stories. Taking a photo of a building might be easy, but telling a story through it is quite challenging!” The Jury, formed by leaders of the architecture and design fields selected 3 winners and 10 honorable mentions. The winners were selected for their creativity, ingenuity, and understanding of dynamic and adaptive vertical communities.

Giorgio Marafioti: Superhero

The first place was awarded to Giorgio Marafioti from Switzerland, for his image of “Superhero”. As he described it "Novazzano Residential Complex by Mario Botta (1989 - 1992, Switzerland) This photo goes beyond pure architectural photography. It would like to give a positive message to a contemporary society characterized by the loss of values. Society as a whole, cannot accept a world without hope, but now, above all, it must seek the path of reconstruction. The situation we have experienced in the last year has highlighted a world where the work of the community. The real superheroes are all of us. \"The world needs superheroes because their exploits help us overcome our greatest hopes"

Mabel Cedrón: Isolation

The second place was awarded to Mabel Cedrón from Barcelona, Spain, for her image of “Isolation”. As she described it "The photo was taken at the MACBA in Barcelona (Spain) during the COVID19 pandemic. A place that is regularly frequented by visitors, for me this image conveys the ISOLATION that we live worldwide. Fortunately, our Museums are beginning to resume their usual activity, undoubtedly great news. [Safe culture] The museum was designed by Richard Meier || 1995"

Erik Vorwerk: White

The third place was awarded to Erik Vorwerk from Germany, for his image of “white”. As he described it "On my way to Prague, I made a brief stop in Dresden (Germany), wandering in the inner city I found myself in the courtyard behind the famous''Fürstenzug ``. While exiting the courtyard I glanced to the left, seeing the opening and the rows of columns behind it. All white and empty of people - in contrast to the manifold and chaotic other facades. Such a pure and simple creation of beauty."

The honorable mentions include several images that represent creativity, Passion, and An Eye for Detail. The members of the Jury are Aldo Amoretti, Paul Clemence, Yener Torun, Darren Bradley, Fernando Guerra, Tom Blachford, Ema Peter, and Paul Eis. The sponsors of Arch2O photography challenge 2021 are Apple, Fotopro, and peak design.

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