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Abuja Photo Festival

Abuja International Photo Festival, is the single largest gathering of photographers in Africa and it is specifically and deliberately designed to elevate the industry in Africa and give the rest of the world a positively driven narrative through the eyes(lens) of Africans. Since 2017, Abuja Photo Festival has served as a hub that empowers young creative to use imagery as a tool for social change while connecting them to a diverse global audience through exhibitions, masterclasses, artists’ reviews, and workshops at the annual photo festival and other year-round artistic opportunities.

Through mentorship and peer-to-peer networking, they support the community of visual storytellers in their journey of self-expression and serve as an artistic space that enables the stimulation of creative energy.

This year’s theme is an attempt to interrogate the concept of individual absoluteness. "Inspired by the avalanche of subjective arguments and propagated self-truth as public convictions, it is therefore critical for artists to draw a reminder to the concept of individual subjectivity and to amplify the notion of one-sidedness in every voiced opinion."

Every artistic work is a point of view to a general reality. Every artistic representation is a slice of a broader narrative. "The theme -Boundaries of Reason- is, therefore, an attempt through the curated exhibitions at the Festival and weeklong conversations to bring a reminder to the critical need for intellectual tolerance and the self-benefiting acceptance of others’ side of the story in the attempt to extend our set boundaries of reason."

Early Years Artists get the chance to showcase their works in the week long indoor and outdoor photo exhibitions. „We do this by making Call for Entries for artists to submit a body of works/projects on thematic stories such as Migration, Gender Based Violence,
Human Rights, Persons Living with Disabilities, COVID-19 Pandemic etc. This year, which marks the 5th edition of the Festival, we will be curating outdoor exhibitions in strategic public places within the city as part of the plan to bring visual encounters to a new range of audience and reclaim public spaces for the arts.“


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