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Where the sun doesn’t shine by Sandro Sardoz

Born and living in Pula, Istra, Croatia, Sandro Sardoz does not consider himself a photographer but an enthusiastic photo fanatic. In reality, he is all-rounded, a very versatile photographer with knowledge and command of all genres. However, he has a soft spot for self-portraits.

Under this Sun by Sandro Sardoz

Niki & Luka by Sandro Sardoz

In the city where he lives, he has discovered a fantastic environment, abandoned, desolate, decadent places: military base, hospitals, farmhouses, factories...

Miseria e Nobilta by Sandro Sardoz

“I have a solitary nature. I’m attracted to abandoned places. I like the deserted side of things, being able to imagine what was there before, when it was inhabited.”

Heavy Industry by Sandro Sardoz

Sandro creates surreal scenes and situations, mostly without clothing. He almost always present himself with his body and his poses. The scenes are realized through loneliness and quietness.

The Booth by Sandro Sardoz

“An artist is always alone - if he is an artist. No, what the artist needs is loneliness.”
Henry Miller
Sandro Sardoz is able to embed his body in a gloomy environment. He tells stories and reveals his soul.

Closed Souls by Sandro Sardoz

Living Room by Sandro Sardoz

Nothing by Sandro Sardoz

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