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Beyond the plane by Gigi Chung

Architectural abstraction is the study of colors and shapes in the built environment. Influenced by Piet Mondrian and Mark Rothko, this series of architectural abstracts by Gigi Chung explores the harmony between horizontals and verticals. The mathematical precision in these edifices creates compartmentalized color fields with purified geometry. The hard-edged lines continue to infinity. This echoes with the idea in the "Dimensionist Manifesto" where painting leaves the plane and enters space, reaching beyond human perception into the unseen dimension. The simplified forms with bold geometrics invite viewers to admire and appreciate the beauty of shapes and colors over representational accuracy. At the end of the day, everything is the subject of our subjectivity.

„Vertical and horizontal lines are the expression of two opposing forces; they exist everywhere and dominate everything; their reciprocal action constitutes 'life'. I recognized that the equilibrium of any particular aspect of nature rests on the equivalence of its opposites.“

Piet Mondrian
  • Blocks

„It is possible that, through horizontal and vertical lines constructed with awareness, but not with calculation, led by high intuition, and brought to harmony and rhythm, these basic forms of beauty, supplemented if necessary by other direct lines or curves, can become a work of art, as strong as it is true.“

Piet Mondrian

„The relation of color and the relation of proportion are both based on the relation of position.“

Piet Mondrian
  • Geometrics

Gigi Chung is a San Francisco-based fine-art photographer who mainly works in medium-format digital photography. She has come to focus on architectural abstracts with a minimalistic approach. Her artwork has been exhibited in multiple galleries and museums in Athens, Chania, Cormons, Glasgow, Greenville, London, Portland, Minneapolis, Taipei, Trieste, Tokyo, San Francisco and Vermont.

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