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We are the same by Ruth Penn

Public places are full of action, hidden surprises, imperfections, beauty, joy, deep sadness, little stories, and huge sagas. For all those, Ruth Penn is always lurking and on watch. All these may happen to anyone anywhere anytime.

The more her husband and she travel, the more she realizes how we, human beings, dangle between sameness and differences, how similar airports are throughout the world, how similar cars are on roads in cities, how similar interiors of restaurants are, how similar streets are around the world. 

Through her photos, Ruth shows these similarities, the sameness, the sagas and little stories that could have happened to anyone of us in our path of destiny. Parents walking on the streets (of Zürich, in this portfolio) look the same as parents walking with their children in Tel Aviv or in Florence. The yellow truck on the road (photo shot in the Israeli desert) could be shot in India. They could be you, could be me, could be us.

Differences, similarities, and sameness are the magical matter that is us. 



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