In the fairytale-like, fantastic and mystical worlds of Martina Singer

10 seconds self-timer – that’s how much time I have to position myself in my “black box”, which I built especially for the recordings in my studio. Blurriness is wanted.” Martina Singer’s photographs are characterized by high liveliness and lightness. Fabric – costume / everyday clothes, space – stage / scenery, light – color / black-white, time – entertainment/short or long exposure, mood – irony / seriousness are important elements of her photographs.

Fireplace by Martina Singer

Various experiences such as an internship in the painter’s hall of the opera, workshops in the field of theatre, dance, movement work (Feldenkrais, Kung Fu, Butoh dance), appearances at the Munich Opera as Butoh dancer, as well as several years of attendance at a drawing school laid the foundations for her work.

“I also deal with different women roles, take often ironically. Fabric, clothing, costume, shell versus nudity stage, these topics keep me busy. “

“Mythological aspects, – the animal, the plant – inspired by the butoh dance influence my work.”

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