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Movements & Symmetry in Diversity by Franc Lacorte

Clean, simple, and yet fascinating. One can say so about Franc's pictures. The cleanness and simpleness are achieved by basic blocks of colors, the simplicity of composition, the minimalism of arrangement.

Rainbow by Francis Lacorte

“I always wanted to create an image that could be interpreted in so many ways.”

Yellow by Francis Lacorte

The beauty is created by the human form, richness, and symmetry. The fascination is enthused by the diversity of subjects, the movement, and provocative poses. In such manners, Franc Lacorte has created images that could be interpreted in so many ways. They make us take a look and ask questions.

Tied by Francis Lacorte

Franc is from Manila, Philippines. At a young age, he would try to interpret what the images in books and magazines would convey. Although his study and work have nothing to do with photography, he always wanted to hold a camera and be creative. That could happen only when he took a short fashion photography course in Manila.

Orange Master by Franc Lacorte

Fashion photography may have some influence on him. However, what Franc really wanted is to express himself, his feelings and state of mind. That's why he diverted to conceptual, contemporary photography and fell in love with it ever since. His goal is to continue to be creative and to create images that people would recognize as his own brand of photography style.

Bag of Oranges by Franc Lacorte

“I diverted to conceptual, contemporary photography and fell in love with it ever since.“

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