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Life Framer goes on tour

This travelling exhibition by Life Framer marks the culmination of the seventh edition of the Life Framer Photography Prize. The exhibitions will showcase stunning contemporary photography from 24 winning photographers, each chosen by globally acclaimed judges across twelve months of diverse themes. Each theme is consciously abstract in order to create freedom and encourage creativity, and the resulting selection of varied, challenging and meaningful photography is testament to that.

Officine Fotografiche / 19 May - 8 Jun 2022

MMX Gallery / 25 Mar - 3 Apr 2022
Housed in a characterful Victorian building, combining fresh white walls, distressed plasterwork and traditional wooden shutters, MMX Gallery is intimate and relaxed space focused on exhibiting the ever-changing face of contemporary photographic practice. Founded in 2014, in the creative South East of London, MMX has hosted new and established photographers, mixing genres and styles but always with the underlying philosophy that image is everything and that what is seen is to be treasured.

Officine Fotografiche / 19 May - 8 Jun 2022
Officine Fotografiche is a stunning art space and photography hub in the heart of Rome, and a major actor in the Italian photography scene, hosting a bookshop, talks, workshops and professional-level classes, and coordinating annual festivals including FotoLeggendo and Obbiettivo Donna. The gallery itself offers a large and impressive environment for showcasing photography – natural light and tall white walls juxtaposed against raw brick and polished concrete.

The Reference / 6 Jul - 31 Jul 2022
Created by Reference Asia, an art community platform for Asian editors, curators, and publishers, and located in the heart of Seoul’s art district, The Reference is a much-loved cultural space. Consisting of an exhibition space and art book store, and hosting exhibitions from up-and-coming contemporary photographers alongside artist talks and workshops, it promotes art-appreciation, sharing and discussion.

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