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Lori Sloan’s North Star

"When I step outside into the world, I see geometry. This is my North Star, my organizing principle around which all other objects are placed. Geometry grounds me and it grounds my photos. It helps me to organize a scene just as a plastic box at home helps me to organize my desk drawer. And then I must have light, strong sunlight." 

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In her heart, she is a dancer. Her body tells her otherwise. "How fortunate I am to have found another passion, something that makes me feel deeply creative, intensely challenged, and excited about tomorrow: Photography." 

She comes late to the craft, 57 years of age, after spending the previous decades raising two spectacular humans and working in a variety of jobs. Finally, back home after 20 years in the suburbs of Philadelphia, her favorite playground is still New York where she was born and raised.

If not with family, then her perfect day is strolling around the streets and buildings of the city with a camera around her neck. And when her hands touch that camera because she sees the shot, she is alone in the world in the best possible way, and she is engaged with the world in a most personal way.

The creative journey of being a photographer has been an extraordinary and, yes, frustrating one at times. "But when I see in an image all that I had intended, I remain in awe of how an idea becomes a reality and I simply want to pick up my camera, hit the streets, and do it all again."

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"For my black and white images, this gives me the deep blacks and the bright whites that I crave. I am profoundly influenced by cinema, particularly film noir, a style that suits my urban sensibilities. I adore high contrast images; they grab me with the same drama as a femme fatale in a 1940's movie. And then there is the human element.  I want one, just that one right person to pass through my neatly constructed scene. No emotion other than the energy in a woman's stride heading to catch the 12:04 or the cyclist who is maintaining his rhythmic pedaling."

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"My love of architecture is deeply infused in most of what I shoot. It may be a minimalist image constructed around the light shining through a long skylight in an old train station, or it might be a woman walking into the train station itself, with more architectural elements revealed. I have a habit of returning to the same location for weeks on end just to see how many different photos I can construct.  How can I see differently?  What have I missed?  - So what's my style?  You can call it what you wish. It's a little bit street.  It's a little bit fine art.  Maybe each image is really just a movie set.  It is what I see in my mind's eye."   

Lori Sloan - Photo by Marco Catini

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