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A Reportage by Gus Worthen

“I took these photos on May 1, 2019, during a demonstration commemorating Labor Day in Jakarta. The mass of demonstrators moved towards the presidential palace. They voiced the still many violations of the rights of workers/laborers in Indonesia. Thousands of demonstrators gathered to convey their aspirations to the Indonesian president but their goal was obstructed by the Barikade security forces. Every year such actions routinely take place simultaneously in the cities of major cities in Indonesia. one of them is in Jakarta.”

Gus Worthen shows with a warm-hearted and non-voyeuristic view demonstrating people and security forces in the Indonesian capital Jakarta.

Gus Worthen

Agus Hadiworo (Nickname Gus Worten) is a streetphotographer from Indonesia based in Bekasi. He was born in Jakarta August 6, 1980 and he loves photography & music. He really enjoy his activity in streetphotography since two years. He use a Xiaomi Redmi4 smartphone camera and a Fuji XQ2.

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