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Man & Man-made by Jörg Erbar

Crane at the Rhine by Jörg Erbar

Anyone can take pictures today. The photographic art is completely different. Here an image conveys something that can be understood and felt by everyone in the world. This requires a photographer who not only selects his motifs, but also feels them.

Cover Photo: Crane at the Rhine by Jörg Erbar

Potsdamer Platz 1 Berlin #1 by Jörg Erbar

Potsdamer Platz 1 Berlin #1 by Jörg Erbar

Goalie by Jörg Erbar

Goalie by Jörg Erbar

Jörg Erbar has this gift and skill. When he catches people in landscapes or cities as if by chance. Shadow-like beings, stripped of their individuality. Or when he depicts buildings and alienates them in such a way that they become metaphors of human urbanity with their brilliance and coldness and uniformity.

Katia Franke


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Jörg Erbar 

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