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Into dreams by GUS

Combining a variety of photographic techniques, especially multiple and long exposure, Gus takes us into a magical journey into the depths of his imagination. Using fine-arts techniques, mixed with modern photographs, his images are multi-layered, simply executed, and visually delightful. Soft touches of color give his creations a dreamlike atmosphere.

Future Art Gallery Guide by Gus

He often incorporates people into his works as he believes human beings are a fundamental part of  environment. These ethereal subjects seem to fade into thin air in front of the viewer’s eye. Thanks to a thoughtful and contemplative aura, standing in front of his photographs is like meditation. 

Future ornitologhist by Gus

The curator by Gus

Gus takes us into a magical journey into the depths of his imagination.

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GUS has won 1st place in Fine Art /Collage at the International Photography Awards 2019 (IPA). He has also received numerous awards for his work in 2020 and 2021.

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