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Moscow Dayze by Dmitri Tcherbadji

“Moscow Dayze” is a walk through the cold ruins of an immigrant’s childhood city. Brutal, unique, and beautiful. Set two months before COVID-19 is declared a pandemic, the book tells a story of an immigrant’s identity crisis. A passion project, the book is assembled by hand, page by page with every image shot on film and meticulously digitized.

“How often do you visit your childhood home? Do you still live there? Is it still yours? Does it belong to someone new? Or is it gone? I’ve changed my address at least eighteen times, not counting the backpacking months in Southeast Asia when there was none. Out of all the places I’ve called home, my grandparents’ tiny concrete box in the Moscow suburbs is still the longest-last- ing one: eleven years. The last thing I remember about that place is the hug I gave to my grandpa before moving with my mom, dad, our dog, and our stuff to Toronto. I had always intended to visit, but military conscription and immigration laws pushed the trip back by years. School, work, travel, dual citizenship, a grossly-expired passport, and the confusing, inefficient Russian bureaus turned the wait into a double-decade. Once it finally took place, death, lousy weather, and awkward timing tainted my long-deferred trip with gloom.”

Moscow Downtown by Dmitri Tcherbadji

Dmitri Tcherbadji is a Russian-born Canadian and former Thai ex-citizen. He is passionate about film photography, travel, motorbikes, climbing, music, art and science.
Dmitri is the founder, editor and web developer of Analog.Cafe. By day, he works as an app developer at WebMD in Vancouver, Canada. Dmitri has been photographing on film for a decade. Most of his work can be found on the website 

The book is self-printed and hand-bound using high quality, eco-friendly materials. This 74-page monochrome, hand-printed photo story was featured as "Project We Love" on Kickstarter AND everyone who has read it loves it. Moscow Dayze is an expertly hand-bound softcover book dominated by well-chosen black and white photographs complemented by beautifully written descriptive text - a great gift for an art and photography lover or a friend or family who collects physical items such as printed books, records and film cameras. The contents are suitable for all ages. This product is UNIQUE as no two are produced the same.

More infos about the book: Analog.Cafe
$45 USD or $53.99 CAD

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