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Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA) announces winners of 2021

The Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA) jury panel have tallied their votes and reached a decision on the best photographers of the MIFA 2021 edition. The awards received entries from all corners of the globe, with both professional and non-professional / student photographers submitting their work to be evaluated by internationally renown photography curators, gallery owners and other industry luminaries.

When looking at the results of the numerous photo competitions of the photo award industry, there is a lot worth seeing. Particularly in the "consolation prizes" (Honorable Mentions) awarded by the jury members, especially in this year's results of the Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA), of which we present a few selected works.


MIFA New Talent of the Year: Salvatore Montemagno

Suspended Lives

The two photographers who showed us a glimpse of the most outstanding views through their photography were George Mayer, with his mesmerizing photo project, Anima, he received the MIFA Photographer of the Year title along with a $3,000 prize and Salvatore Montemagno for his powerful, too-true photo series about our lives during the COVID-19 pandemic: Suspended Lives, receiving the New Talent of the Year title with a $2,000 cash prize. They will each be awarded the MIFA trophy. The nine category winners in both professional and non-professional / student fields will each receive a $100 cash prize. As in previous years, works of the top winners will be exhibited for the Russian and international art community in galleries and art centers around the world. 

Mr. Hossein Farmani, founder of MIFA and Farmani Group, commented, "The depth and creativity we saw in this year's entries are inspiring beyond measure. Photographers from all over the world reached out to us to demonstrate that art, even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, is alive and thriving. I congratulate the winners who, apart from showing us immense skills, have also contributed to the international art world in a great way with their works."

Category Winners of MIFA 2021 (Professional):

Photographer of the Year - George Mayer: Anima

Advertising Category - Caesar Lima: Bawar Sisters

Architecture Category - Evgenii Domanov: Crumbling Beauty of Petersburg

Book Category - Dorotha and Bruno Senechal: Hawaii Nature

Editorial Category - Dean Sewell: Black Summer Fires - Australia

Event Category - Alessia Santambrogio: Tableaux Vivants

Fine Art Category - Liliane Schwab: Wire

Nature Category - Roksolyana Hilevych: Pollino: A Look Into The Past

People Category - Joseph-Philippe Bevillard: Mincéirs

Portfolio Category - Giampiero Marcocci: Giancarlo


Category Winners of MIFA 2021 (Non-Professional):

New Talent of the Year - Salvatore Montemagno: Suspended Lives

Advertising Category - André Wandrei: Morning Walk in the Bamboo Forest

Architecture Category - Jun Yeh: Toilet Room 

Book Category - Susanna Cabanero: Hombrecino

Editorial Category - Antonio Beraldino Coelho: Plastic, One Enemy?

Event Category - Alfred Jurcalis: Wyvern

Fine Art Category - Ildikó Kardos: Dimensions

Nature Category - Matthew Bagley: Bubble Lion

People Category - Roberto Pazzi: The Young Breeder

Portfolio Category - Salvatore Montemagno: Suspended Lives

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