Life as a movie by Sylvain Devlichevitch

Sylvain Devlichevitch got his first camera at 11, which ignited his passion for photography. But that passion is on and off and intertwined with other passions throughout his life until digital photography came to him in 2016. Now he can freely create a universe of his own with the help of improv staging and post-production.

The photos by Sylvain are like taken from a vintage movie as single individual frames. His constant endeavor is to release emotions according to his eyes, whatever the subject. Whether from photographic strolls or recently scripted shoots, his images are more or less blurred and textured to create dreamlike and timeless atmospheres.

During his staging shootings, he gives very little guidance to the models thus promoting their spontaneity according to the desired general idea. His leitmotif is to share an emotion influenced by a cinematographic vision focused on everyday life, scripted or not.

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