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Jack Persekian: Past Tense

Jerusalem’s landscape, as we know it today, is merely a surface layer, a slice in a long tumultuous history that has witnessed a succession of takeovers by people and civilizations from the preceding ones. Yet, Jack Persekian presents in this project scenes from the city by superimposing an additional layer – a photograph taken today of the same location, shot from the same spot and angle, over that taken by a photographer some one hundred years ago. Moving between two distinct times, allows us to study and compare the changes that occurred over time. In this project, he examines the landscape and forces at play then, now and, possibly, in the future.

Jack Persekian, Holy Sepulcher (2018)
inkjet print on cotton-rag archival paper, 48 x 60 cm

Jack Persekian (born 1962) is a Palestinian artist and curator from Jerusalem. He is the founder and Director of Al-Ma’mal Foundation for Contemporary Art and Gallery Anadiel in Jerusalem. He previously held the position of Director and Head Curator of the Palestinian Museum (2012–2015); Founding Director of the Sharjah Art Foundation (2009–2011); Artistic Director of the Sharjah Biennial (2007–2011); Head Curator of the Sharjah Biennial (2004–2007); Founder and Artistic Director of The Jerusalem Show (2007–present), and Qalandiya International (2012-14). Jack Persekian currently lives and works in Jerusalem.
Jack Persekian: Past Tense
Until 28.09.2021
7A President's Circle, Al-Baloo’, Ramallah, Palestine
Jack Persekian

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