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Now you see me Moria

The Weltmuseum Wien sees it as its task to contribute to the representation and negotiation of social, political and cultural focal points of society. The museum wants to be a meeting place for active social, artistic and political actors who draw attention to social power relations, social inequalities and global problems and create a heightened awareness of these issues among the public.

The photo project "Now you see me Moria" was initiated by Amir, an Afghan who lived in the now burnt-down camp Moria on the Greek island of Lesbos, and Noemi, a photo editor from the Netherlands. Later, Qutaeba from Syria and Ali and Mustafa from Afghanistan joined the project. Their full names are not mentioned in order to protect their identities. With their photographs, the refugees want to document life in the camps on Lesbos and thus draw attention to the partly devastating humanitarian situation on the ground.

Dear European, imagine having to live in a tent for two years with a family of five. Can you formulate this idea? (Amir)

The initiative came about mainly because journalists and photographers were denied access to the Moria camp and NGO workers were also not allowed to take photographs in the camp. In the Kara Tepe refugee camp, where most of the residents of the Moria camp were relocated after it was destroyed by fire in September 2020, there is still a ban on access for media representatives, and thus hardly any footage of the conditions in the camps gets out.

They have not understood our diaspora, they have confused us, they have not warmed our hearts, but we will not feel the frost of our loneliness. They have not touched our souls, but we will not let them empty them. They have not filled our days with happiness, but we will not grieve or live in fear. Those who do not strengthen us will not destroy us. (Qutaeba)

Visibility, however, is crucial if the situation is to improve. Therefore, Amir, Qutaeba, Ali and Mustafa decided to take pictures of their situation themselves and publish them on the Instagram channel as well as on the website. The Weltmuseum Wien has also responded to the call to present the pictures publicly and is showing "Now you see me Moria" in the Pillar Hall until 14 September 2021 with free admission. The captions to their photographs were written by the photographers themselves.

The presentation of the project can be visited free of charge in the Säulenhalle of the Weltmuseum Wien. until 14. September 2021


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