Performance artist Kolatt / Myanmar & Bálint Rádóczy / Hungary

A collaboration with Myanmar performance artist Kolatt and Hungarian visual artist Bálint Rádóczy. Premiered April 23, 2013, at ZHdK Zurich University of the Arts, Master of Arts in Fine Arts, Zurich, Switzerland.

The art scene in Burma is suffering from censorship. All exhibitions must be reviewed and permitted by a government censorboard. All artworks with political, sexual and religious aspects are prohibited to exhibit.

Performance video loop, 14 min 11 sec, 1280 x 720 mov, 2013. Best viewed in private and with headphones.
The contribution picture shows Kolatt Art: Photo by Thwe Thwe

Untitled (Cordon) from Bálint Rádóczy on Vimeo.

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