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The Composed Environment by Johan Lowie - Tagree

The Composed Environment by Johan Lowie

It is strange that basic dry shapes suchs as triangles, rectangles, circles can convey much emotion and feelings like the ones in Johan Lowie’s works. In this series, the almost geometric landscapes are based on “The golden ratio”. Different shapes, mass and colors are harmonised with composition. The sceneries in towns, by the sea provide the inspiration in these carefully constructed views.

The serene perspectives allow the viewer to muse and at the same time to rest. Johan Lowie usually has a number of paintings in process simultanously. Like a human life, with multiple threads extending simultaneously into time and space, Lowie likes to turn his attention to different works as his emotional connections to them shift. As to why he paints in the first place, Lowie gave us an insight that his work is a part of an effort to excavate deeper understandings of which forces shape his feelings at different moments in time, or about specific subjects or experiences.

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