The Iranian Hardship by Erfan Yazdanpanahi

Erfan Yazdanpanahi was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1991 and is still living there. He studied both photography and ‌architecture in  Azad university of Damavand (2010-2015) while working in a news agency as a photographer and reporter. Then just for one year, he taught in an academy.  

Although making money through advertising photography, his real passion is on the street, where he has been capturing the life, the people, the human conditions of his own country for 7 years.

“I love to capture the hard moments of people’s life. The humans don’t keep pretending and they are realizing their true self when doing their chores and that makes me able to know the community and it makes me aware of people’s problems and cultures.”

Erfan Yazdanpanahi

“I love to capture the hard moments of people’s life.”


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