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Tbilisi Photo Festival 2021 will start on September the 30th with a digital event

In response to the current epidemiological situation in Georgia and to avoid any additional risks of the COVID 19 spreading, the Tbilisi Photo Festival (TPF) team has reviewed the timeline of the events and activities planned in the frame of the 12th edition that will take place between September - December 2021.  

© Celine Croze. Sqevnv. 2015-2019

While the 4th wave heavily hits Georgia, the festival’s upcoming edition will first  feature only the digital actions. TPF 2021 will start on September the 30th with a digital event - the screening of the works by emerging European photographers who are part of the Europe-based photography platform FUTURES

All physical events planned in the program of the Tbilisi Photo Festival 2021 are postponed until the epid situation allows organization of the physical actions. 

© Onasoglou Eleni. The Hippocampus. 2020



The Tbilisi Photo Festival has been co-founded by the Georgian journalist and photo-curator Nestan Nijaradze and by the French photographer Lionel Charrier, currently Photo Editor in chief of the daily newspaper Libération

Founded in 2010 in partnership with Les Rencontres d’Arles, the Tbilisi Photo Festival was born in an attempt to unveil the deep and fast changing realities palpable everywhere in Georgia by contributing to the rise of the local and regional photographic scene while bringing to Tbilisi the best of world photography. 

Throughout a programmation combining exhibitions, screenings and panel discussions, the Festival not only put Tbilisi on the map of world photography but utilises this media as a tool to raise awareness and broaden the audience’s perspective on most pressing issues.

Since its first edition, the Tbilisi Photo Festival provides an informative, critical and artistic insight on topics as diverse as conflicts and their consequences, climate change, migrations, fashion photography. A stress is also put on the promotion of South Caucasian contemporary photographers while offering an opportunity to the audience to put a finger on the pulse of what makes contemporary photography. 

Ten editions later, the Tbilisi Photo Festival firmly established Tbilisi as the capital of photography of the Caucasus by becoming the most important photo festival in the region and one of its major annual cultural events.

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