The Fool and Other Circumstances by Martina Singer

These works by photographer and performance artist Martina Singer represent a journey through space and time, art history, dance, theatre, and one's own state of being. On the border between reality and dream, they serve as a mirror for the outer/world and inner/body-mind-soul system. Likewise, the attempt is made to face the fleetingness of the moment, as well as to approach existing things and the experience that all thinking only becomes true when it is given a feeling and acting body. “Becoming completely the person I am is a sculptural process for me from an artistic point of view.”

Martina Singer

The Fool and Other Circumstances by Martina Singer

Among other things, I am researching in the field of emotions. Emotions are often ambiguous. Often several emotions interpenetrate at the same time. I try to capture this state in photographs, and in this case by means of short films in images, and to develop a space for it. It is also about exploring spaces of female qualities.

Martina Singer

Berlin Air Loop by Martina Singer

At the beginning of the work is the development of the character. I try to define this character as clearly as possible, usually in exaggerated form, in the form of a costume that I produce for it. Sewing the costumes is the way to give the respective personage a shell. It is about understanding the process of creating the costume as an inner journey. Movement is another medium. Here I let myself be guided mainly by my intuition, but the study of Butoh dance/mystery play or C.G. Jung's model of archetypes and figures from art history (e.g. the jester) also forms the humus of these characters studies.

Martina Singer

Downwards by Martina Singer

The next step is then the stage design (working with Peter Brook/"Der leere Raum", among others), the space versus installation units. Here I often work with green screen, as it gives the wonderful opportunity to present the characters in contexts that would not be possible in the actual location. The stage images are subordinate to the figure and serve as support.

Martina Singer

Eva and Adam by Martina Singer

In these five videos, there is often a large canvas sketch in the form of hierarchically structured space. Early works (about 25 years ago) with this spatial sketch/topic (Alte Pinakothek) and in this context, with the presence or non-presence of female artists, awakened in me the need to work with it again artistically. Today I have taken up this sketch again and enlarged it on canvas in order to explore hierarchical structures in connection with "women's art".  - The external and the internal intertwine into one big perpetual stream.

Martina Singer

Odem by Martina Singer

These five videos have been made possible thanks to the support of the Deutscher Künstlerbund/Neustart Kultur. More are in the pipeline.


2018 Group exhibition Fürstenfeldbruck/Munich 

2018 Master examiation Kung Fu,  Ajahn Lao, Munich 

2018 Exhibition, "Census to Bethlehem" in Arskrippana, Losheim/Eifel 

2016 Exhibition, scupltural interpretation "Census to Bethlehem" by Pieter Brueghel the Elder (1566) in the Bavarian National Museum 

2013 Opera Munich, Opera festival soloist Butoh dance, "La trovatore"/Verdi 

2013 Participant Art Fair "Obacht", Munich 

2012 Group exhibition from Gedok, munich 

2012 Group exhibition from Gedok, Leipzig 

2010 Solo Exhibition, Hotel Blauer Bock, munich 

2008 Drawings for "Friedrich", science fiction novel 

2006 Group exhibition, "Serienweise", Burghausen        

2005 Solo exhibition, Weilheim 

2004 Group exhibition "Body", Rosenheim 

2003 Exhibition, Munich Science Days 

1997/98 Various performances, company Stefan Maria Marb 


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