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Contemporary Germanic Psychedelia by Jack Savage

In his series from 2020 Jack Savage strives to create modern photographic art – imbued with the same free-thinking, experimental and innovative approach, and creating the same impact that the musical genre of “Krautrock”. Born out the wreckage of Post War West Germany – Krautrock (Kosmische Musik) is a genre of experimental and innovative rock music played by artists blending elements of psychedelia, electronica and various other avant-garde influences. 

Contemporary Germanic Psychedelia (2020) by Jack Savage

Savage presents this art in the form of psychedelic collage/series that incorporates elements of photographic montage- inspired by the musical genre of Psychedelia from Germany during the late 1960s and early 1970s and Italian Film music of the same period.

Music that was innovative, challenging and experimental – pushing boundaries musically and artistically.

The LP covers of this period were outlandish, daring and colourful in scope, a reflection of the progressive and experimental Rock music, an era that produced a great era of bands such as Can, Faust, Guru Guru, Neu, and Kraftwerk.

This is his contemporary take of the era.

Jack Savage is a UK-based photo artist, who has won hundreds of prestigious international awards: the winner of the coveted Pangea Prize, 1st place in the Open Monochrome category at the prestigious Siena Photo Awards 2017 (also finalist at this awards in 2017/2018/2019 in diverse categories). He has also won the Fine Art Professional category at the 2017 Black and White Spider Awards and was awarded the Silver Medal of The PX3 Awards – Prix De La Photographie 2019 in the Professional Visual Arts / Digitally Enhanced category for his series of contemporary photography FilmNoir in 2019.

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