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The Secret Question by Nicoletta Cerasomma

Open the door, then you step into another place, another time. You will live in a movie. Exclusive, Intimate, Secret. You will meet not people but characters. But first, you have to answer the secret question.

That's the hidden code of Nicoletta Cerasomma's photography.You have to decode it to fully understand the story behind each image. Or you don't have to. Just the look and feel of the pictures will transport you to another world of secret places.

Thanh Tung

The Secret Question by Nicoletta Cerasomma

A public address. The backroom of a grocery store, the locker room of a barber. A secret bar. Another story: hidden, intimate, romantic, alcoholic, illegal, forbidden.

Nicoletta Cerasomma is a photographer and pop surrealist artist with a background in staged photography. After studying photography since 1997, she realized her love for storytelling so, in the latest years, she had evolved from fashion photographer to independent artist focused on the production of nuanced photographic tableaux.

Waiting for by Nicoletta Cerasomma

There are no rules except one: speakeasy, please! Small doors that hide big secrets.

The Stranger by Nicoletta Cerasomma

Glamor, allure and transgression. Tobacco. Smoke. Long beards. Handlebar mustache, braces and jiggers, boas, feathers, lightness. Red lacquered mouths and nails.

Her work is highly conceptual and complex: as a surrealist artist, she incorporates archetypes and cultural iconography with satirical narratives inspired by the collective unconscious. Leaning into the visual language of pop surrealism, she stages narrative compositions that expose the underbelly of modern life.

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Boast. Femininity and Androgyny. Luster, spangles. Glass that is colored with various mixtures corrected with poor alcohol. Molasses. Candles. Shadows. Offbeat. Eyes open. Mouths closed. Only one condition to enter: answer the secret question. Yes but ... softly. Sshhhh!

Nicoletta is inspired by the dichotomy of Beauty and Decay, themes that she loves to incorporate into her works in order to evoke contemplation and debate on the human condition, through vivid and provocative still imagery and a cinematic technique.

Her images come from a personal place of exploration where she dreams to live a thousand lives in one.

She is most known for her series "Cryptic Venus", created in 2020, which depicts women placed in suggestive scenarios. GUP Magazine & Fresheyes Talent 2021 - Nicoletta was also awarded the Sony World Photography organization, the Pollux Awards, and many other grants in 2020. Her work was exhibited in Moscow, New York, Italy, and continues to show in international galleries. She is currently working on new diptych projects.

Nicoletta Cerasomma

2015 - Fashion Photography course - Fondazione Studio Marangoni Firenze
2009 - Photography course - Pisa University 
DEC – 6th Biennal of Fine art Barcelona - Julia Margaret Cameron Award 2021 - Barcelona Spain
DEC – 6th Biennal of Fine art Barcelona - Pollux Award 2020 - Barcelona Spain
NOV – American Photography Ai-AP 37 - New York City USA
SEP – Haute Photographie Amsterdam - Holland
SEP – The Line Contemporary Art Space - London UK
MAR – Bifa Budapest foto awards - Budapest Ungary 
JUN – The Print Swap - Foley Gallery New York City USA
MAR – Le prix de la photographie Paris - Espace Beaurepaire Paris France (POSTPONED - Covid restrictions)
JAN - Sony World Photography Organisation - online exhibition - Somerset Gallery London UK  
JAN - The Moscow International - Crimean Republican Universal Scientific Library - Russia
SEP - The Moscow International - ProPhoto Studios Moscow Russia
JUN - Sony World Photography Organisation - Sony Imaging Gallery Tokyo Japan
MAY - Sony World Photography Organisation - On Screen Exhibition 
SEP - Imago - festival ImagOrbetello - Orbetello Italy
NOV - Solo exhibition - Circuito Off Photolux Festival -  Lucca Italy
APR - Pisa in Fiore - Garden Art Project - Corso Italia Pisa Italy
AUG - Solo exhibition - LuccaOperaFestival - Lucca Italy
MAY - Il Trauma - Mario Tobino Foundation - Palazzo Ducale Lucca Italy
OCT - Le Felicità Visibili - Pisa Italy
OCT- Le Mura di Lucca 500 anni - Fondazione Cassa Risparmio di Lucca - Italy
AUG - Solo exhibition - I Concerti degli Angeli - Lucca Italy 
APR - Puro & Impuro - Palazzo Vittelli Pisa Italy
APR - Scattidivini -  2006 - Firenze Italy
MAY - Scattidivini -  2006 - Siena Italy
Ai-AP 37 American Photography - winner
GUP Magazine & Fresheyes – Talent of the year 2021
IT's Liquid - 8th edition - winner
First Place Julia Margaret Cameron Award
Finalist Fine Art Photography Awards -  Professional - Concetual category
Honorable mention Winner Pollux Awards
Honorable mention Color Awards - Professional - Fine Art category
Second Place PORTFOLIO PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR - MIFA Moscow Photography Awards
First Place Winner Pollux Awards
Second Place PORTFOLIO - BIFA Budapest Photography Awards - Professional
Gold Medal MIFA Moscow Photography Awards - Professional - Portfolio/Fine Art category
Gold Medal BIFA Budapest Photography Awards - Professional - Portfolio/Fine Art category
Gold Medal BIFA Budapest Photography Awards - Professional - Culture/People category
Silver Medal BIFA Budapest Photography Awards - Professional - Portfolio/Fine Art category
Bronze Medal Px3 Paris Photo 
Bronze Medal MIFA Moscow Photography Awards - Professional - Portfolio/Fine Art category
Finalist Sony World Photography Organisation - Professional - Creative category
Finalist AAP All About Photo - Colors Awards 
Finalist ND Photography Awards - Professional - Conceptual category
Finalist Fine Art Photography Awards -  Professional - Concetual category
Honorable mention IPA - International Photography Awards - Professional - Fine Art category
Honorable mention Px3 Paris Photo 
Honorable mention Chromatic Awards 
Honorable mention Minimalist Photography Award - Professional - Conceptual category
Bronze Medal Tifa Tokyo International - Fashion/Editorial category
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Jun - Pro Photo Daily - American Photography
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