The streets are alive by Stéphane Navailles

The streets are alive and they make Stéphane alive. Every day no matter what happens, his eyes and mind are alert on the streets, everywhere, be it in a big city or in a small town. When the elements are intriguing and somewhat challenging, in a few seconds, he envisions a scenario and his eyes are on the lookout. It can take a long time and time has no limit. He only stops when satisfied. His goal is to show that familiar scenes can be harmoniously integrated into different urban landscapes.

Umbrella by Stéphane Navailles

At a small "scale", besides the pleasure he feels at each shot, his photos can be a testimony of human architectural evolution but also a certain weakness. The symmetry, the beauty of the lines can be found in his pictures, which brings stability to viewers and also himself.

Stéphane Navailles

is a street-photographer, living in France. His wanderings allow him to discover atmospheres, graphics, about which, sometimes, he did not even have any single idea. What he likes is the spirit called “one-shot" but also the patience until all the elements that he imagined in his scenario are put in place.

Photography has illuminated his path since he discovered that even the banalest place can be sublimated. It may seem pretentious, but if pretentious means to put a little madness, tenderness, anger and emotion through different atmospheres then he is not afraid to be called pretentious.

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