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The Confinement by Jordane Prestrot

The “Corona series” starts with pictures made in a documentary style: showing somebody’s daily life, helplessly left alone with oneself. The series then progressively evolves, treating the psychological aspects and impact of this isolation — but always with a touch of humor and self-mockery. During such difficult times, Prestrot wanted to make people laugh — and most of them did, while following every day the online publication of the new “episode” of, as some liked to call it, “The Jordanes”. After the first two weeks, the project took on a fantasy dimension, with murderers, sorcerers, imaginary women… Stories were suggested, distinctive characters appeared…. It was a lot of work for him but also a lot of fun. And on a personal level, it helped him think less about all the uncertainties and fears there were, and still are, around the pandemic.

Prestrot – Le Confinement 19

“Le Confinement” series — 42 pictures, one every day since April 1st until May 12th, 2020

Prestrot – Le Confinement 23

„For quite some time, I’ve had the idea of making multiplicity self-portraits, but it always seemed to me like an irrelevant ego-trip — until the Covid-19 crisis struck and France went into lockdown. Housebound, like every other person in the country, I thought the idea could finally make sense and that it could express something about this very special situation that we found ourselves in — and might find ourselves in again, unfortunately.

Prestrot – Le Confinement 32

„I promised myself to always react artistically to all experiences, good or bad, that could happen in my life. This crisis is a tough one. I am thankful that I had the health and energy to create this series as a response. Isn’t that the mission of artists, after all?“

Jordane Prestrot
Jordane photographs, writes and makes music — among other things. His work has been shown in Paris, Manchester and Guebwiller.

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