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VIPA Editorial Winners

VIPA announces the winners of the first competition. We are pleased to present the 1st place winners of the Editorial category. After holding international photography exhibitions, a history of artistic achievements, and cultural relations with the best photographers in the world, the founders of “VISIONS” are happy to share the results. 

Visions primary goal is to discover artistic faces that have not had the opportunity to show themselves, and the names are separated by long distances to see the light of fame, and to create this valuable opportunity, to open horizons of passion and inspiration and make the world a place full of art and creativity.

VIPA Editorial Winner: Category Environmental

1st Place
Tales Yuan / China


Urban Arteries

These images are from my ongoing series “Urban Arteries”. With rapid economic development in recent years, Chongqing, the largest municipality in China, has rapidly expanded its urban area, and with it has come an explosion of rail transit. In 10 years, it has increased from 19.15 km to 327.5 km. There are mountains and rivers in the city, and some areas are inaccessible. These rail transit lines extend from the city’s hinterland to the city’s far-flung suburbs to be developed. About 9 years ago, I lived in the new airport district in the north of city and my girlfriend lived in Huxi Town in the west of city. It would take me 3.5 hours to meet her. And now, that time has been reduced to about 2 hours by rail. There were still many villages, towns, farmlands and barren hills nearby where we lived back then. Nowadays, most of them have become part of the city. In the years I’ve lived in Chongqing, it has changed the city and transportation. My series, which captures scenes along rail lines, intends to explore the tremendous impact of urban development on the urban landscape, people’s lives, environment and economic development

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VIPA Editorial Winner: Category General News

1st Place
Alexandros Michailidis / Belgium
Happiness And Loneliness

VIPA Editorial Winner: Category Documentary

1st Place
Abhishek Kundu / India

Lifeline of Kolkata’s Suburban Railways

Kolkata local trains are a rail system serving the suburbs surrounding the city of Kolkata. It is the largest suburban railway network in India by track length and number of stations. Now Kolkata Sub-Urban Railway has 348 stations and a track length of 1,172 km. It runs from 4am to 2am (night) daily. There is a separate Circular Railway corridor in the city also operated by Eastern Railway(ER) under Sealdah Division. Daily thousands of passengers, vendors travel through Kolkata Local trains, ie: it is called the lifeline of Kolkata suburban railways.

VIPA Editorial Winner: Category Story

1st Place
Antonio Aragon Renuncio / Spain

Wanna Be Messi


Football is not a privilege, it´s a right. According to the Convention on the Rights-of-the-Child, is a universal language for millions of people around the world regardless of their nationality, language or religion. In Togo there´s a center for children with disabilities that provides specialized attention to improve their quality life. In Africa, children with disabilities have high risk of abuse and neglect. People believe that disabilities are due to a divine punishment. Theses minors (known as “snakes” as they lie on the ground) are considered “demons” and are drowned into the river in rituals “for the serpent to leave”. Meanwhile, for these children at Don Orione Center everything it’s all about football. They all are Messi. Football brings peace for their souls and freedom for their minds… It´s more than a game. Every kid is dreaming of becoming the new star of the ‘beautiful game’ in search of their next goal…

VIPA Editorial Winner: Category Daily Life

1st Place
Mohammad Radi / Jordan


I suffer and do not have time I suffer greatly between work at home and work in the field There is hope to go to school I will learn and study to change my life and the life of my family I sew professionally to help my family I am with my little sister to take care of her I take a long and winding road to the only factory in the village All these works I can go to school because I have hope to fulfill my dream I want to fulfill my dream of studying to be a teacher in the village.

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