Against the tide of our time by Thierry Lair

“Against the tide of our time where everything is speed, greedy consumption, trivialization of coldness, where feelings are haggled, I set down my tripod and set my digital eye on my environment, failing which I imagine it by manipulating images. It is in contemplation that I share my feelings and time finds its place in my work, and an important place. For me the beauty that surrounds me deserves the greatest attention and the greatest respect, it is fragile and constantly threatened. My photos try with modesty and simplicity to honor this beauty, during my walks there are many opportunities to meet and seize it and then share it. Without really any committed message, I nevertheless magnifies this Nature which is dear to me and hopes to be able to show me his affection for a long time to come.”


Tes sillons s'emplissent du ciel by Thierry Lair


Parenthèse hivernale by Thierry Lair


Nuances de gris by Thierry Lair


Nuances de gris by Thierry Lair


Le jour s'épuise à la nuit by Thierry Lair


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