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Bare Beauty by Luciano Corti

Black is an insulating element that envelops female bodies, sometimes fragile and sometimes mysterious. Mystery and a feeling of anxiety pervade them, always denying the face to the observer. Starting from a classic theme: the nude in the room poses in black and white. There the Luciano Corti strips the observer of any element of distraction to focus their attention only on the body. Without judging. Without stereotyping.

“When we respect the nude, we will no longer have any shame about it.” ― Robert Henri

  • Studio sul nero numero (1) by Luciano Corti
  • Studio sul nero numero (2) by Luciano Corti
  • Studio sul nero numero (3) by Luciano Corti
  • Studio sul nero numero (5) by Luciano Corti

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„In his delirium, he decided to dedicate himself to beauty.“ This sentence can be said either for Luciano or his father or anyone who is looking for beauty even in the dark.

Luciano Corti

was born in Florence in 1969, whose father was a commercial photographer. He has realized his images in his refuge: a room surrounded by olive trees in the hills of Florence. It is an intimate, sacred, quiet space that allows him to be in touch with the most delicate part of him.

Luciano Cortis photographs are represented and on sale for editorial and advertising purposes by Art + Commerce Agency NewYork- PhotoVogue Collection. Sublimation” collective exhibition Milan 2019 Fondazione Luciana Matalon with the work “water and wind”. Solo show at the 19th European Festival of Nude Photography – Arles – Palazzo dell’Arcidiocesi with the project “Delirium”.

Luciano Corti

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