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Homeless by Incertagloria

The photos presented in this series refer to homeless people living on the streets of IncertaGloria's city, Barcelona. In them the artist wants to express the loneliness of these people, nobody sees them, nobody hears them, and we walk together with them and for us, they are only part of the urban furniture of the city. “They are human beings from whom we have taken their humanity. They are like ghosts for us, with an invisible body in our eyes, they live but in our eyes they are dead, we have taken their soul, their dignity, and their hope.”

Sleep of the reason by Incertagloria

“In most of the photographs I make a double exposure with photographs that I have taken of walls or other elements of the city. These walls are usually aged, in need of repair. With this I try to create an idea that homeless people are that street furniture before our eyes, and like that street furniture, they need to be rehabilitated and integrated into society in order to be visible again and regain their dignity. Likewise, that urban furniture is their home; it is the place where they live, they are embedded in these walls that feel their suffering and pain.”


Sheets are streets by Incertagloria

Incertagloria is my artistic name which refers to the title of a novel, and with this I want to refer to the vain search to obtain glory, which not only is its achievement uncertain but is always ephemeral like an April morning.

Die in the city by Incertagloria

Although my photographs have a varied and eclectic theme, I am fundamentally attracted to photographing loneliness and memory. Formally, I am attracted to giving the photographs a pictorial touch or trying to create textures trying to generate the sensation of a volume that is theoretically non-existent in photography.

City Blues by Incertagloria

Who cares you by Incertagloria

“My beginnings were with street photography that continues to be today where I feel most comfortable because it is my origin and my main source of inspiration. For this reason, my photographs are mainly of the streets where I walk, and living in Barcelona, basically the vast majority are from there. Later, in my house with a simple editing program I work on them, many times with double exposures of walls, graffiti or other elements that I photograph in the city.“



My learning in photography has been self-taught and late when I started taking pictures at the age of 48. Previously, I had no experience whatsoever in photography or any other type of artistic activity. For personal reasons, I started taking pictures with my mobile, and I started posting them on a social network. And little by little I liked what I was doing and it ended up becoming my main hobby, and now it’s becoming more than a hobby, it is the need to express myself.

Today, I continue to take pictures with my mobile because it has the lightness and spontaneity of the moment, which I cannot have with the camera. For the same reason, I edit the photos with simple photo editing programs.

© Incertagloria

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