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Poetic, mysterious and surrealistic compositions by Bogdan Kotewicz

Bogdan Kotewicz lives and works in France near Paris. His first contact with photography dates back to his youth. At that time, however, it was a brief fascination “that quickly gave way to other forms of creation and other, not always artistic, activities”.

Cover Image: Exodus by Bogdan Kotewicz

Quo Vadis by Bogdan Kotewicz

Devant by Bogdan Kotewicz

Why have you become a photographer? 

I returned to photography several years later, during which time the need to express myself was still alive in me and inevitably led me down this path which has since become a real passion.


How and where do you work? 

Currently, I mostly practice black and white photography, which I really appreciate. In my opinion, the lack of chromatic distraction facilitates the creation of a particular atmosphere by focusing on the subject in its pure forms. It can sometimes seem like a poetic, mysterious and even surrealist dimension. Our natural perception of our environment is based on color, and its removal can surprise us and stimulate our imagination.

However, this is not an absolute rule. I also have other working methods, such as digital manipulation of photos where I mix different techniques and I do not always refrain from making colors appear… I am not limited to one subject as many photographers do. It’s my way of creating my own world.


Bogdan Kotewicz

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