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Connected, disconnected, reconnected by Hajime Art

Connected, disconnected, reconnected… delirium in a world where everything moves fast, very fast, too fast! After the Day-lirium your smartphone is not what it used to be for you. The society, the media and the world we live in are the most important source of inspiration for Hajime Art.

Sleepless night by Hajime Art

Connected, disconnected, reconnected…

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What distinguishes him from other artists is his black humor. He portrays the modern, hyper-networked, consumer-oriented, materialistic society and his relationship to it. All his creations are realized exclusively in his house (cellar, garage, bedroom), alone or with his wife.

He sets the stage, sets up his camera, his wife releases the shots. All the utensils he uses for his art he gets from recycling yards, from charities or collects them himself in nature. Then he changes and transforms them.

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