Exploring Female Identity by Alejandra Glez

The work of Alejandra Glez (Havana, Cuba, 1996) spans Afro-Caribbean religions, collective memory, and the spirituality that emanates from the relationship between human beings and the sea. She seeks to explore the feminine identity and examines her own experience with traumas such as panic attacks and sexual assault to construct unique and poignant visual works.

Alejandra Glez
Interviniendo tu fachada, 2018

Alejandra Glez
from the series Callao, 2018

Alejandra Glez
from the series Liliths, 2021

Alejandra Glez
Caida, 2017

Alejandra Glez
from the series Obba, 2021

Alejandra Glez
from the series Mi realidad al punto del canibalismo, 2020

Glez is the winner of the IV ENAIRE Foundation Young Photography Award, and exhibited her work in Madrid, July 2021, in PHotoEspaña exhibition together with JustMad 2021. Glez become the first Cuban artist to have a “drop” completely dedicated to promoting her work within the digital NFTs market. In 2020, she was finalist in the XIVth edition of Arte Laguna Prize in the videoart category. Glez has also been featured in VOGUE, El País, and Condé Nast among others. Her work has been part of numerous personal and group exhibitions in the Americas and in Europe.

Alejandra Glez
Autorretrato, 2020 (a self-portrait of the artist)


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Alejandra Glez is represented by the Cuban Fine Arts Gallery.
The Cuban Fine Arts Gallery brings the most innovative and compelling work from Cuba, USA, and Canada to New York City. The gallery opened in October 2014 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with the goal to foster better understanding and easier access to Cuba’s contemporary art world. The gallery now represent Cuban artists as well as other artists residing around the world. The collection currently includes works by Nelson Dominguez, Manuel Mendive (both National Prize of Visual Art winners - Cuba’s most important prize in art) as well as Kcho, Francisco Nunez Martinez, Richard Hambleton, Jenny Okun, John Grande, Anna Barrett, Chad Merk, Carine Quadros, Aneli Pupo, Lorenzo Holder, Cavier Coleman. The Gallery is run by Ed Steinberg of New York City. Steinberg is a well-known video and documentary director and producer in the music and art community.
Cuban Fine Arts | 255 McKibbin St, Brooklyn, NY 11221

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