In a colorful​ world by Hardijanto Budiman

Vibrant. Graphic. Stylized. That is the color palette of Hardijanto Budiman. This complements, contrasts and punctuates so well the designed, industrial shapes and figures that he mysteriously uses. Sometimes for social commentators, sometimes for aesthetical reasons, sometimes just for fun.


Candy Girls Go To Shower by Hardijanto Budiman

“My works are representing my feeling, my mood, my emotion and for sure my imagination.”

“When I was a boy I really loves drawing & painting that’s why since I know photography, I felt likes I found my ‘lost world’ that I like the most few years a go.”

Hardijanto Budiman 

Hardijanto Budiman is a visual artist based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Starting interest in photography around 2003. For Hardijanto Photography is the best media to express his passion for art. He does not classify himself as a  ‚pure‘ photographer. His works mostly are about how representing imagination and emotion into pictures. Hardijanto Budiman is the winner of numerous international awards.



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