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Jack Savage

Jack is a fine art, studio, portrait and landscape photo manipulation artist. He is the proud recipient of over 100 of the World's most prestigious professional photography awards including the much converted Pangea Prize - 1st Place from Siena Photo Awards 2017, 1st Place -Outstanding Achievement Award from The Spider Awards 2017, 1st Place from The Chromatic Awards 2017, Gold from Tokyo Foto Awards in consecutive years 2018/2019, Silver from PX3 Price de la Photographie 2019, and Silver from Moscow Foto Awards 2020. To date Jack's works have been exhibited in Milan, Italy - Siena, Italy - Athens, Greece - Glasgow, UK - Brighton, UK - and Arles, France.

Jack Savage, please introduce yourself

Hi - my name is Jack Savage and I was born in 1980 in Northampton, England. I am a fine art photographer and digital artist, certified expert in Adobe Photoshop CC, and was educated at Nottingham University where I carry an MA in American Studies and Film.


Where do you live, does your place of residence inspire you to take pictures?

I live in the English town of Northampton - a population 250, 000 people. The town itself has a rich cultural history and provides me with many of the people and locations as shown in my artworks. There has always been a strong creative community that resides here, whether it be music or art - for instance, the musical pioneers - the band Bauhaus, and the famous graphic novelist Alan Moore are both natives of my hometown, or as we call them "Northamptonians".


Do you have a photographic background?

My background in photography is rooted within the mid-1990's - using Film and Darkrooms. My work then was rooted in the genre of street photography and British Social Realism. It was only until the advent of digital photography, a few years later - that my more artistic intentions were unleashed - using the vehicle of Adobe Photoshop to expand my creative consciousness/unconsciousness.


How comes that you are interested in photography?

My interest in photography is inexplicably linked to my fascination with cinematography and film stills - something that I have studied on an academic, personal, creative and professional level. Cinematic genres both inform and help create my photographic artworks. The seminal movie directors themselves, particularly within the "Golden Era of Hollywood - 1920 -1950" provide my inspiration - rather than individual photographers per se. I have watched and learned intently from the works of Hitchcock, Preminger, Siodmak, Lang, Wilder, Stevens, and Ford - and hope to translate their brilliance into a contemporary photographic setting.


Which photographer has inspired your photography?

In terms of photography, my influences range from traditional maestros such as Fan Ho and Henri Carter Bresson for monochromatic scenes from our historical past, Salgado for landscapes, and Andros Fuchs for all-round photographic mastery. I also have a particular affinity with classical monochromatic street photography from the mid to late twentieth century.


Why do you work in black and white/color?

I work within both mediums as my main influences come under each umbrella. Psychedelia and Germanic Krautrock for color, and the cinema of Film Noir and classical street photography for my monochromatic creations.


How do you prepare for a photo?

My preparation for each photo is varied and multifaced depending on the subject matter. My portraiture is illuminated with references - historical, criminological and cinematic, and is invariably studio-based. My landscapes are usually taken with a tripod and some long exposure filters, whilst my street photography is usually shot with a small discreet mirrorless camera, worlds away from the professional setup I use in the studio.


What are your technique and creative process?

My creative process follows a line straight from the imaginative unconscious. It is an organic process – born out of my love for history, criminology, music, and cinema. I am a certified expert in Adobe Photoshop CC – and this helps me to articulate, perfect and translate my ideas. This photographic manipulation allows me to create multi-layered artworks with deep psychological relevance to my own life, spiritual aesthetic, and experience.


Which projects would you like to tackle?

My current career focus is all about gaining recognition from some of the largest photography competitions and getting my work into bricks-and-mortar galleries around Europe and the World. I am determined to see my artworks displayed and beautifully framed in some impressive art galleries. I am also very proud of my ongoing contributions and exhibitions with Michael Nguyen and Tagree Magazine – which have helped to further my creative and professional development. I dream of having a large solo exhibition in Germany, Paris, the US, or even here in London.


What do you do in your life besides photography?

All of my efforts recently have been plowed into my work within the photographic and art sectors. When I do get some well-earned downtime I enjoy cycling in the countryside, reading history and criminology, watching Films, as well as spending time with my family.


Thanks a lot Jack Savage for the Interview

The silent ultimatum by Jack Savage
Contemporary Photographic Street Art (2020) by Jack Savage # 23
Contemporary Germanic Psychedelia (2020) by Jack Savage
Exit by Jack Savage

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