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LOVE is pop art…I love Pop Art by Juan Dios Lopez Sepúlveda

Juan Dios Lopez Sepúlveda considers himself a designer of images, vocational and self-taught, taking as the main theme of his work the exploration of perception, the organization of visual elements, abstraction, modes of commercial reproduction and in general the themes of popular culture.

by Thanh Tung

El Diablo Anda Suelto by Juan Dios Lopez Sepúlveda: www.instagram.com/juandediosartpop

In his work we can find images of the PopArt universe, producing transgressive images and approaching graphic experimentation. Thus opening the way to other graphic disciplines. Among the most outstanding themes of his work is the movie stars of the 60's among which is his great muse Marilyn Monroe. Especially decisive in her career was also La mujer de rojo (The Woman in Red), as he was the first to use the style that from then on was to become his signature: well-delineated figures and the use of Ben-day dots.

In a series from the year 2000 he takes as inspiration the daily objects, characters and comic strips of other authors, The use of printed images in different media and their later manipulation, are used to determine the plastic works in whose elaboration they are mixed. Different technical qualities that produce a very expressive language, in which the richness of tone and texture are combined with the qualities offered by the ink worked with different instruments.

Living in and loving pop culture, he believes every image is recyclable, every object is susceptible of becoming art and its true purpose is to offer a new interpretation of the image in contemporary culture. "An artist is a person who produces things that people don't need, but for some reason thinks it's okay to give them to others".

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Juan Dios Lopez Sepúlveda


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