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LONELINETS: The Loneliness of the Nets by Stefano Fristachi

Stefano Fristachi is an Italian photographer and photojournalist, living in Barcelona. He currently works as a freelancer with international magazines and production agencies. The interest in all social characteristics opens his vision to Anthropological Photography and Reportage, which allows him to better express the feelings of empathy and understanding of the world, and to deepen his interests in all issues of geopolitics and current affairs.

„Did you ever hear the sound of the nets? I guess probably not. It's only perceivable when nets are alone. Are they ever? Yes, when players are not there, they are all by themselves.“

Loneliness is often understood as a social pain, an unpleasant emotional response to perceived isolation. However, we cannot free ourselves from loneliness. It is, therefore, a good thing to make an honest agreement with it. Nets can give us joy when they get excited by us; or make us feel sad when abandoned though they remain the symbol of the play, of distraction beyond time and consciousness. The lonely nets remind of us of better times, echoes the sound of children, of excited crowds. Somehow they catch our emotions. And as we stand there in an empty playground, before lonesome nets, contemplating this life, they make us appreciate our happiness, our true happiness, that we have forgotten. There, do we hear the sound of those nets or our inner selves?

The nets that protect the games ❍ That maintain the sense of team ❍ That separate the meeting point ❍ Crosses from the sweaty air ❍ That resist the harsh life ❍ That also fool the sun ❍ Like us ❍ Lonely

  • The Loneliness of the Nets (9) by Stefano Fristachi

Hit by the sun ❍ Entertained by the wind’s blows ❍ Swollen in the face ❍ they fall down ❍ but they never give up ❍ Slapped by sure voles ❍ Shaken by a penalty ❍ decided at the last second ❍ Incest of many dunks ❍ Lonely ❍ Abandoned like stray dogs ❍ In the cold of the Sundays’ end ❍ They don't win and they don't lose ❍ Networks of the fields that have never leaved ❍ Between buildings under construction ❍ Between a kick-off whistle and a train passing ❍ Between the churches and a childhood memory ❍ Between the leather and the dressing room ❍ And the showers ❍ Empty ❍ Pitches ❍ Lonely

Under the snow ❍ The loneliness of the nets ❍ Which keeps company with memories ❍ That smells of tennis ❍ Grass ❍ Teammate Fatigues ❍ Tangled at the time ❍ Like the soul ❍ Lonely

Stefano Fristachi

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"One day at the age of 20, working as a waiter in a restaurant in Amsterdam, I found a cheap camera on a table that a guest probably forgot; one of those old Kodak film cameras for tourists that everybody used before the digital explosion. I brought that camera with me on a journey in India with two friends that summer. I came back with 23 colored Kodak films. A thousand of multicolored shots of India; every copy with the date-time printed on it. So, I decided to study photography for three years in Florence, where I got graduated in L.A.B.A. (Libera Accademia Di Belle Arti) and where I start doing work experiences in fashion, cinema, and journalism. In Barcelona, I finished my postgraduate in Photojournalism at I.E.F.C. Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya. I'm still living there and working as a freelancer with Spanish and international Magazines, and two Photo Agencies and Art Galleries."

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