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Meditations – Photographs of Paul Clemence

Miami Beach Botanical Garden presents „Meditations - Photographs of Paul Clemence“ - Paul Clemence’s “Meditations” guides the visitor on a global garden tour, experiencing how color, light and subtle movement connect one with nature. Paul exquisitely captures how time in a garden feeds ones soul.” – Sandy Shapiro, Director - Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Foundation Beyeler garden in Basel, Switzerland.
Photo courtesy of the artist

“I would say that light is for me the most important element when photographing, followed closely by composition.”

Paul Clemence

At waterlilies garden at Maison Claude Monet, Giverny, France

Photo by Paul Clemence

Through his unique prism, mixing abstraction with a painterly gaze, at this exhibit photo-artist Paul Clemence takes the visitor on a tour of some of the world’s most high profile gardens: The BeyelerFoundation, in Basel, Switzerland, Inhotim Institute, in Minas Gerais, Brazil, the New York Botanical Gardens, and the Maison Claude Monet in Giverny, France, the work of the Impressionism master being an important inspiration for Clemence: “Like Monet, I have also been very much interested in capturing the fleeting atmospheric light”, he says.

At Beyeler gardens by Paul Clemence - courtesy of the artist

Abstraction is another cue Clemence takes from Monet, specifically from the famed Waterlilies paintings. In one of the main pieces of the exhibit, “Liquid Landscapes”, a textile collaboration with Red Canary Studio measuring 9 x 15 feet (3 x 5 meters) and printed in silk charmeuse, the artist explores the changing color fields found in the water ponds of the renown Beyeler Foundation (in Basel, Switzerland) creating an oversize window piece that literally catches the natural light. “This piece takes the quest to express light into a whole level - the translucent quality of the silk brings the actual physical light directly into the artwork, explain Clemence.And light equals Time, so the piece keeps changing throughout the day as the Sun travels its path or the viewer approaches the installation, the fabric being so lightweight that any air dislocation makes the piece ‘dance’”.

At waterlilies garden at Maison Claude Monet, Giverny, France

Photo by Paul Clemence

“Monet wanted the water lilies paintings to have this ‘endless whole’ quality, to create a ‘peaceful refuge’ for the viewer. And that was certainly my ambition for this exhibit, to create a moment of tranquil inspiration”.

Paul Clemence

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Liquid Landscapes

by Paul Clemence

Suspended color fields
Gliding liquid landscapes
Layers, continents
Islands of hues,
of greens and yellows
billowing in Time
dancing in space
Light filtering in
awaking each swath
uniting textures, vibration, tonality,
atmosphere, senses, distances -
all into a meditative
peaceful, endless whole

Curated by the Miami Beach Botanical Garden art chair, Gaspar Saldanha, the show features in total 17 pieces, including images of the cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC and of the exhibit venue itself, the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. This exhibit is made possible by the generous support of In Plus Inc.

On view through Nov.21st, 2021

Miami Beach Botanical Garden

2000 Convention Center Dr.,  Miami Beach, FL 33139

Paul Clemence

is an American-Brazilian visual artist working mainly in photography and video. Educated as an architect, his photography explores the subjective ways we relate to the built and natural environment, creating expressive images that are often informed by unique (and natural) light moments, thus giving the work a temporal experience quality. His artwork has been featured at the Venice Biennale, the European Cultural Centre, Art Basel/Design Miami, Fuori Salone Milan, AmazeLab/Green Island, NYCxDesign, WantedDesign, Boomspdesign, KunstMeile Siegen, Istituto Europeo di Design, Tomie Ohtake Institute, Parson School of Design and private galleries and film festivals worldwide.  Furthermore, his photography can be found in institutional, private and corporate collections like Miami's Vasari Project, Farnworth House Study Center, The Mies van der Rohe Archives at the Museum of Modern Art, Swiss Consulate New York, Brazilian Consulate New York, Riha Design Group, Marriott Hotels. 

A published author, whether with his writings or his photography, he has been featured in all major design and architecture publications, like Wallpaper, Metropolis, Interior Design, Surface, Designboom, Dezeen, Archdaily, Architizer, Architects & Artisans, Casa Vogue Brasil, Elle Décor Italia, Lapham’s Quarterly, and many others.

Originally from Niterói, Brazil. he is now based in Brooklyn, New York.
For more info or images, please contact Paul Clemence

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